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Gabriel Navarro

Remote sensing, Ocean color, Physical-biological coupling, RPAS, Marine technology

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My research career has principally focused in performing oceanographic field studies, applying simultaneously remote sensing to geophysical research. I am currently a tenured scientist leading the Remote Sensing Service at the Institute of Marine Science of Andalusia (ICMAN) of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) in Spain. The main aim of this service is providing fully processed images to the Spanish oceanography community. Dr. Navarro has developed ocean color algorithm to characterize the spatio-temporal variability of natural phytoplankton assemblages in the Mediterranean basin and algorithm to detect water turbidity in coastal areas. Finally, Dr. Navarro was responsible of the real-time remote monitoring network (RTRM) to characterize the Guadalquivir estuary ecosystem, being author of two patents (PCT/ES2012/070432, P201230916).


Improving and integrating the European Ocean Observing and Forecasting System, H2020 No 862626.

Improving knowledge and management and of EU fisheries outside Europe, while contributing to sustainability and long-term profitability H2020 No. 727891.

PTI-POLAR: Observatorio de zonas polares: Horizonte 2050

Policy-oriented marine environmental research in the Southern European Seas, FP7 No 287600

Selected key publications

  • Rodríguez-Benito, CV., Navarro G., Caballero I. (2020).
    Using Copernicus Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 data to monitor harmful algal blooms in Southern Chile during the COVID-19 lockdown. Marine Pollution Bulletin
  • Caballero I., Fernández R., Moreno-Escalante O., Mamán L., Navarro G. (2020)
    New capabilities of Sentinel-2A/B satellites combined with in situ data for monitoring small harmful algal blooms in complex coastal waters. Scientific Report.
  • Ruiz J., Caballero I., Navarro G.(2020).
    Sensing the same fishing fleet with AIS and VIIRS: a seven years assessment of squid jiggers in FAO area 41, Remote Sensing
  • Caballero I., Ruiz J., Navarro G.(2019).
    Sentinel-2 satellites provide near-real time evaluation of catastrophic floods in the west Mediterranean, Water
  • Huertas I.E., De la Paz M., Pérez F., Navarro G., Flecha S. (2019).
    Methane emissions from the salt marshes of Doñana wetlands: spatio-temporal variability and controlling factors. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
  • Guerrero E., Kienberger K., Villaescusa A., Gili JM., Navarro G. Prieto L. (2019).
    First record of beaching events for a calycophoran siphonophore: Abylopsis tetragona at the Strait of Gibraltar. Marine Biodiversity
  • Caballero I., Navarro G. (2018).
    Application of extended full resolution MERIS imagery to assist coastal management of the area adjacent to the Guadalquivir estuary. Progress in Oceanography, 165, 215-232.
  • Caballero I., Steinmetz, F., Navarro G. (2018).
    Evaluation of the first year of operational Sentinel-2A data for retrieval of suspended solids in moderately turbid waters. Remote Sensing, 107, 982.
  • Huertas I.E., Flecha S., Navarro G., Pérez F.F., Paz M. (2018).
    Spatio-temporal variability and controls on methane and nitrous oxide in the Guadalquivir Estuary, Southwestern Europe. Aquatic Sciences, 80, 29.
  • Caballero I., Navarro G., Ruiz J. (2018).
    Multi-paltform assessment of turbidity plumes during dredging operations in a major estuarine system. Int. J. Appl. Earth Ohs. Geoinformation, 68, 31-41.
  • Navarro G., Vicent J., Caballero I., Gomez-Enri, J., Morris E.P., et al. (2018).
    Improving the analysis of biogeochemical patterns associated with internal waves in the strait of Gibraltar using remote sensing images. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science
  • Sala, I., Navarro G., Bolado-Penagos, M., Echevarría F., García C.M.(2018).
    High-Chlorophyll-Area Assessment Based on Remote Sensing Observations: The Case Study of Cape Trafalgar. Remote Sensing, 10, 165.

Other activities

    Development of several science dissemination activities
    Participation in more than 30 oceanographic cruises
    Experience in scientific work with drones
    Aauthor of two patents (PCT/ES2012/070432, P201230916).

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