The contribution of penguin guano to the Southern Ocean iron pool

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Trophic status of a coastal lagoon - marine harbor system: Potential outwelling rates to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef southern region

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Confronting turbidity, the major challenge for satellite-derived coastal bathymetry

Science of The Total Environment (2023)

Machine Learning for Detection of Macroalgal Blooms in the Mar Menor Coastal Lagoon Using Sentinel-2

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The many shades of red tides: Sentinel-2 optical types of highly-concentrated harmful algal blooms

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Mapping dinoflagellate blooms (Noctiluca and Alexandrium) in aquaculture production areas in theNWIberian Peninsulawith the Sentinel-2/3 satellites

Science of The Total Environment (2023)

Water-Quality Monitoring with a UAV-Mounted Multispectral Camera in Coastal Waters


Monitoring the Marine Invasive Alien Species Rugulopteryx okamurae using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Satellites.


Water Quality and Water Hyacinth Monitoring with the Sentinel-2A/B Satellites in Lake Tana (Ethiopia)


Comparison of UAS and Sentinel-2 Multispectral Imagery for Water Quality Monitoring: A Case Study for Acid Mine Drainage Affected Areas (SW Spain)


High-spatial resolution UAV multispectral data complementing satellite imagery to characterize a chinstrap penguin colony ecosystem on deception island (Antarctica)


Alejandro Román, Gabriel Navarro, Isabel Caballero, Antonio Tovar-Sánchez.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as a tool for hazard assessment: The 2021 eruption of Cumbre Vieja volcano, La Palma Island (Spain)

Science of the Total Environment (2022)

Alejandro Román, Antonio Tovar-Sánchez, David Roque-Atienza, Emma Huertas, Isabel Caballero, Eugenio Fraile-Nuez, Gabriel Navarro.

Use of the Sentinel‐2 and Landsat‐8 Satellites for Water Quality Monitoring: An Early Warning Tool in the Mar Menor Coastal Lagoon

Remote Sensing (2022)

Isabel Caballero, Mar Roca, Juan Santos‐Echeandía, Patricia Bernárdez  and Gabriel Navarro

Monitoring Sand Spit Variability Using Sentinel-2 and Google Earth Engine in a Mediterranean Estuary

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Mar Roca , Gabriel Navarro, Javier García-Sanabria and Isabel Caballero

A Novel Automatic Water Autosampler Operated From UAVs for Determining Dissolved Trace Elements

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Erica Sparaventi, Araceli Rodríguez-Romero, Gabriel Navarro

and Antonio Tovar-Sánchez

Living Inside a Jellyfish: The Symbiosis Case Study of Host-Specialized Dinoflagellates, “Zooxanthellae”, and the Scyphozoan Cotylorhiza tuberculata

Frontiers in Marine Science (2022)

Angélica Enrique-Navarro, Emma Huertas, Vesna Flander-Putrle, Ana Bartual, Gabriel Navarro, Javier Ruiz, Alenka Malej and Laura Prieto

Water quality monitoring with Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 satellites during the 2021 volcanic eruption in La Palma (Canary Islands)

Science of the Total Environment (2022)

Isabel Caballero, Alejandro Román, Antonio Tovar-Sánchez, Gabriel Navarro

Impact of flash flood events on the coastal waters around Madeira Island: the 'Land Mass Effect'

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Applications of unmanned aerial vehicles in Antarctic environmental research

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Using a UAV-Mounted Multispectral Camera for the Monitoring of Marine Macrophytes

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Alejandro Roman, Antonio Tovar-Sánchez, Irene Olive, Gabriel Navarro

On the use of Sentinel-2 satellites and lidar surveys for the change detection of shallow bathymetry: The case study of North Carolina inlets

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Isabel Caballero and Richard P. Stumpf

Monitoring cyanoHABs and water quality in Laguna Lake (Philippines) with Sentinel-2 satellites during the 2020 Pacific typhoon season

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Isabel Caballero and Gabriel Navarro

Observation of Maritime Traffic Interruption in Patagonia during the COVID-19 Lockdown Using Copernicus Sentinel-1 Data and Google Earth Engine

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Cristina V. Rodríguez-Benito, Isabel Caballero, Karen Nieto and Gabriel Navarro

Drivers for spatial modelling of a critically endangered seabird on a dynamic ocean area: Balearic shearwaters are non-vegetarian

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Andrés de la Cruz, Fernando Ramos, Gabriel Navarro, Andrés Cózar, Juan Bécares, Gonzalo Muñoz Arroyo

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Cristina V. Rodríguez-Benito, Gabriel Navarro and Isabel Caballero

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Remote Sensing

Isabel Caballero and Richard P. Stumpf

Sensing the Same Fishing Fleet with AIS and VIIRS: A Seven-Year Assessment of Squid Jiggers in FAO Major Fishing Area 41 (2020)

Remote Sensing

Javier Ruiz, Isabel Caballero and Gabriel Navarro

Sentinel-2 Satellites Provide Near-Real Time Evaluation of Catastrophic Floods in the West Mediterranean (2019)


Isabel Caballero, Javier Ruiz and Gabriel Navarro

Retrieval of nearshore bathymetry from Sentinel-2A and 2B satellites in South Florida coastal waters (2019)

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science

Isabel Caballero and Richard P. Stumpf

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Remote Sensing

Isabel Caballero, Richard Stumpf and Andrew Meredith

Application of extended full resolution MERIS imagery to assist coastal management of the area adjacent to the Guadalquivir estuary (2018)

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Isabel Caballero and Gabriel Navarro

Evaluation of the First Year of Operational Sentinel-2A Data for Retrieval of Suspended Solids in Medium- to High-Turbidity Waters (2018)

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Isabel Caballero, François Steinmetz and Gabriel Navarro

Multi-platform assessment of turbidity plumes during dredging operations in a major estuarine system (2018)

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Isabel Caballero, Gabriel Navarro and Javier Ruiz

Sentinel-2 supports coastal management for optimized decision making (2018)

In book: The Ever Growing use of Copernicus across Europe’s RegionsPublisher: Copernicus programme, European Commission, the European Space Agency and NEREUS – the Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies

Isabel Caballero, Gabriel Navarro, Emma Huertas and Javier Ruiz

Functional regression on remote sensing data in oceanography (2018)

Environmental and Ecological Statistics

Nihan Acar-Denizli, Pedro Delicado, Gülay Başarır and Isabel Caballero

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Gabriel Navarro, Jorge Vicent, Isabel Caballero, Jesús Gómez-Enri, Edward P Morris, Neus Sabater, Diego Macías, Marina Bolado-Penagos, Juan Jesús Gomiz, Miguel Bruno, Rui Caldeira and Águeda Vázquez

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International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation

Gabriel Navarro, Isabel Caballero, Gustavo Silva, Pedro-Cecilio Parra, Águeda Vázquez and Rui Caldeira

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Functional Statistics and Related Fields

Nihan Acar-Denizli, Pedro Delicado, Gülay Başarir and Isabel Caballero

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Gabriel Navarro, Pablo Almaraz, Isabel Caballero and Emma Huertas

Sentinel-2 Imagery for Tuna Fishing Management (2017)

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Gabriel Navarro, Isabel Caballero and Águeda Vázquez

Capítulo 26: ¿Qué pasa con la basura espacial? (2016)

Book: CIENCIA, y además entiendo!!!

Isabel Caballero

CoastColour Round Robin data sets: A database to evaluate the performance of algorithms for the retrieval of water quality parameters in coastal waters (2015)

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Bouchra Nechad et al.

The Guadalquivir estuary: a hot spot for environmental and human conflicts (2015)

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Isabel Caballero, Edward P Morris, Javier Ruiz and Gabriel Navarro

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Seasonal-to-interannual variability of chlorophyll-a bloom timing associated with physical forcing in the Gulf of Cádiz (2012)

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Gabriel Navarro, Isabel Caballero, Laura Prieto, A Vázquez, Susana Flecha, Emma Huertas and Javier Ruiz

Use of a real-time remote monitoring network (RTRM) to characterize the Guadalquivir estuary (Spain) (2012)


Gabriel Navarro, Isabel Emma Huertas, Eduardo Costas, Susana Flecha, Manuel Díez-Minguito, Isabel Caballero, Victoria López-Rodas, Laura Prieto and Javier Ruiz

DEIMOS-1 satellite provides imagery for coastal management (2012)

Sea Technology

Isabel Caballero, Edward P Morris and Gabriel Navarro

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