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The Instituto de Ciencias Marinas de Andalucía (ICMAN) in Cadiz, which belongs to the CSIC, has more than 40 years of research experience focused on a variety of topics ranging from local, coastal and estuarine ecosystem management to basin scale ocean dynamics and biogeochemical fluxes. Since 2011, the ICMAN has been integrated, as a founder member, in the CEI·MAR (Campus of International Excellence of Sea/Oceans) which is coordinated by the University of Cadiz. The Department of Ecology and Coastal Management has a broad experience in the study of the physical-biological coupling in several marine eco-regions, such as the Gulf of Cádiz, Strait of Gibraltar, Alboran Sea and the Antarctic, also with application of this knowledge in terms of integrated protection of coastal zones. In particular, the Ecosystems and Oceanography research group carries out projects aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of the responses of the coastal zone both to human actions and to accelerating climate change, by means of the thorough analysis of interactions between marine biogeochemical cycle and the pelagic ecosystem. Research related to remote sensing applications on coastal and continental waters is carried out in the GOE group.

Gabriel Navarro

Tenured Scientist

Isabel Caballero


Sandra Paola Viaña-Borja

Personal Técnico Apoyo (PTA)

Amalia Sacolotto Detoni

Biological Oceanographer

Martha Dunbar

Ecosystem Services & Management

Oleg Belyaev

Biologist & Oceanographer

Sergio Heredia

Computer Engineering

Alejandro Román

Oceanographer & UAV Remote Sensing

Mar Roca

Oceanographer & GIS Analyst

Estefanía Caballero

Computer scientist

Manuel Fernández

Physical Oceanography & Remote Sensing

Iria Sala

Predoctoral student

Masuma Chowdhury

Data Scientist

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